• Work experience
  • Summer 2017 and Summer 2018

    Research Intern

    IBM Research - Almaden in San Jose, CA, USA

    Participated Projects about Adversarial Neural Network and Relationship Classification

  • Summer 2016

    Research Intern

    IBM WATSON in Somers, NY, USA

    Participated a Deep Learning Project for Modeling and Predicting Customers' Bahavior

  • December 2008 - July 2013

    Research Scientist

    Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) in Seoul, Republic of Korea

    Participated 5 Projects (Area: Social Media Analysis, Interactive TV, and Mobile Tour)

  • Sept 2012 - June 2013

    Technical Editor

    United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business (UN/CEFACT)

    Participated Destination Tour Information (DTI) Project

  • Education
  • August 2013 - Current

    Ph.D Student in Computer Science

    Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN, USA

    Advisor: Jennifer Neville

  • August 2006 - August 2008

    M.S in Computer Science

    Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) in Daejeon, Republic of Korea

    Advisor: Sung-Hyon Myaeng

  • August 2003 - August 2006

    B.S in Computer Science and IT Business (Minor)

    Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) in Daejeon, Republic of Korea

    Graduation with Honor – Magna cum laude (Class Rank: 2nd)

    Former Information and Communications University (ICU)

  • Selected Publication
  • 1 FULL paper about Constraint-based Machine Learning (in preparation)

  • 1 FULL paper about Explanable Machine Learning (in preparation)

  • 1 FULL paper about Client-side Vulnerabilities Detection in Security (under review)

  • 1 FULL paper about Collective Classification in Sparsely Labeled Graph (under review)

  • 1 FULL paper about Emergency Information Diffusion on Twitter (under review)

  • 1 FULL paper about Neural Network Architecture for Dynamic Graph (under review)

  • Hogun Park, Hamid Reza Motahari Nezhad, Learning Procedures from Text: Codifying How-to Procedures in Deep Neural Networks, Proc. of 27th The Web Conference (WWW 2018) - Cognitive Computing Track, 2018. PDF BibTeX

  • Hogun Park, John Moore, Jennifer Neville, Deep Dynamic Relational Classifiers: Exploiting Dynamic Neighborhoods in Complex Networks, Proc. of MAISoN Workshop in 10th ACM Conference on Web Search and Data Mining (WSDM 2017), 2017. PDF BibTeX

  • Dongmahn Seo, Suhyun Kim, Hogun Park, Heedong Ko, Real-Time Panoramic Video Streaming System with Overlaid Interface Concept for Social Media, Multimedia Systems, 20, 6, pp. 707-719, 2014. PDF

  • Hogun Park, Sun-Bum Youn, Geun-Yong Lee, Heedong Ko, Trendy Episode Detection at a Very Short Time Granularity for Intelligent VOD Service, Proc. of 9th European Interactive TV Conference (EuroITV 2011), pp. 80-83. 2011 PDF

  • Sun-Bum Youn, Hogun Park, Geun-Young Lee, Dongmahn Seo, Suhyun Kim, Heedong Ko, Social Media-Based Three-Screen TV Service, Proc. of 29th IEEE International Conference on Consumer Electronics (ICCE 2011), pp. 920-921. 2011. PDF

  • Hogun Park, Sun-Bum Youn, Eugene Hong, Changhyeon Lee, Yong-moo Kwon, Heedong Ko, Myon-Woong Park, Young Tae Sohn, Jae Kwan Kim, Sharing of Baseball Event through Social Media, Proc. of 11th ACM SIGMM International Conference on Multimedia Information Retrieval (MIR 2010), pp. 389-392, 2010. PDF

  • Hogun Park, Sung-Hyon Myaeng, Gwan Jang, Jong-wook Choi, Sooran Jo, Hyungchul Roh, Interactive Information Seeking Interface for Exploratory Search, Proc. of 10th International Conference on Enterprise Information System (ICEIS 2008), pp. 276-285, 2008. PDF

  • Hogun Park, Yoonjung Choi, Yuchul Jung, and Sung-Hyun Myaeng, Supporting Mixed Initiative Human-Robot Interaction: A Script-based Cognitive Architecture Approach, Proc. of 21st IEEE International Joint Conference on Neural Network (IJCNN 2008), pp. 4106-4112, 2008. PDF

  • Yuchul Jung, Hogun Park, Yoonjung Choi, and Sung-Hyon Myaeng, Designing a Cognitive Case-Based Reasoning Framework for Home Service Robots, Proc. of 16th IEEE International Symposium on Robot Human Interactive Communication (RO-MAN 2007), pp.827-832, 2007. PDF

  • Yuchul Jung, Hogun Park, and Sung-Hyon Myaeng, A Hybrid Mood Classification Approach for Blog Text, Proc. of 9th Pacific Rim International Conference on Artificial Intelligence (PRICAI 2006), LNAI 4099, Springer, pp.1099-1103, 2006. PDF

  • Award
  • Fulbright Fellowship, Institute of International Education (IIE), US Government, 2013 ~ 2018.

  • Best Paper Award, Korea Computer Congress, 2012.

  • Brain Korea 21 Scholarship, National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF), 2006 ~ 2008.

  • Testimonial from the President of International Cooperation Agency for Korea IT (ICA), 2006.

  • Government Fellowship, Korea Ministry of Science and Technology, 2003 ~ 2006.

  • 4th Place, International Robot Olympiad, International Robot Olympiad Committee (IROC), 2000.

  • For my spare time... :)
  • Music

    I enjoy to play the guitar and sing a song (as an amateur). I (luckily) got 2 prizes from competitions in my university. Twenties Dream in KAIST is my previous rock band.

  • Yoga/Meditation

    I had learned Yoga/Mediation for 5 years and sometimes taught students in Yoga Class.

  • Methods for Self-Development

    Many talented authors such as Stephen Covey, David R. Hawkins, Rhonda Byrne, Seung Heun Lee, and Milan Kundera, influenced me a lot. I believe that my research can contribute to provide a new way to get people motivated and make better world.

  • Soccer

    I am proud of being a member of Wabash United in Purdue University.

  • Contact
  • Address

    305 N. University Street,

    Lawson 2149, #19,

    West Lafayette, IN 47907


    hogun .a.t. purdue.edu

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